MINOX, known for its innovative binoculars and opto-electronic equipment, has now introduced their NVD mini night vision device, one of the smallest in the world. It’s just 5-1/2″ long, with a 2″ diameter, and weighs only 7.8 ounces, yet provides sharp images with 2x magnification.

“For orientation purposes in unfamiliar surroundings, this very compact night vision device is an absolute must for your safety,” said Thorsten Kortemeier, executive chairman.

“The NVD mini is a reliable companion for nighttime outdoor activities.” 
Using innovative infrared digital technology, MINOX has found a way to amplify the available residual light frequencies. The infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor picks up the infrared radiation and reproduces the image on the monitor in the viewfinder. Its 16 powerful infrared LEDs are suitable for use in total darkness at a range of nearly 200 feet.

Contrary to conventional tube night vision devices, the NVD mini is not sensitive to bright light sources, so it can be used in daylight as well. With its innovative digital technology it is shock- and impact-resistant. Complete with a carrying case and cable for recharging the lithium-ion battery, it has a retail price of $299.

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