Innovative lens design coupled with lots of extra features that provide true benefits to the shooter in the field make the Panorama line of scopes one of the most desirable new products of 2011.

The Panorama family of scopes from Hawke Sport Optics truly delivers what many claim, a benefit rich product at a value price.

All Panorama scopes feature fully floating, glass etched reticles with finer, unobstructed aiming points, while also being virtually unbreakable. In addition to being glass etched, all Panorama reticles are dual color illuminated, red for evening and nighttime shooting, blue for daytime, or standard black in the off position. With 5 brightness levels for each color, as well as the off position, you are virtually assured of having the right setting for any shooting situation.

Panorama scopes are available in fixed parallax or adjustable objective (AO) models. Both lines offer 3-9 or 4-12 magnification, with your choice of 40 or 50mm objective lenses.

All Panorama scopes are covered by the Hawke Worldwide Warranty. They are waterproof, shock proof, fog proof, and rated for all firearm calibers. Providing the user a scope engineered to be used on all firearms, as well as air guns.

EV (Extreme View) Optical System:

The newly developed EV optical systems provide an additional 20% field of view over standard rifle scopes, without increasing the size of the scope itself. This new feature allows for a much clearer, quicker, and easier target acquisition.

Hawke® Panorama — Special Features:

The Hawke 10x ½ Mil Dot reticle provides twice the aim points of standard Mil Dot reticles, while still maintaining true Mil Dot calibrated spacing.

Hawke® Panorama AO — Special Features:

The adjustable objective allows for fast target focusing and parallax correction from 10 to 1000 yards. All AO models are equipped with the exclusive MAP 6A reticle, providing multiple calibrated aiming points.

FREE BRC SOFTWARE (Ballistic Reticle Calculator):

All of the Panorama Series scopes are fully supported by the Hawke BRC software. Designed by the best ballistic engineers in the world, the science is done for you and it is easy to use. This FREE program is available by simply downloading the software from the Hawke website. The BRC software is compatible with all rifle calibers, as well as archery equipment. Take advantage of the most effective tool available for increasing your accuracy in the field, no matter what you choose to shoot.

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