Provo, UT – Action Target’s Weekly Newsletter is celebrating its One-Year Anniversary. On June 3, 2010, Action Target launched a very challenging task of being the only Shooting Range Development Company in the world to produce a weekly newsletter.

For the last 52 weeks, without disruption, the newsletter has been published to an ever-growing list of subscribers. Upon launching this endeavor, Action Target was able to quickly gain over 15,000 civilian, law enforcement and military readers. Throughout the course of the last 12 months, that list has grown to more than double.

The resounding success of the weekly newsletter has not gone unnoticed in the industry. For, Action Target has been contacted repeatedly by other companies, firms and organizations to procure advertising space. Those efforts have been and will continue to be unsuccessful. After a number of polls, it was determined the number of subscribers prefer a publication that is specific to the industry, provides detailed information on superior products and has special pricing on targets exclusively available to a subscriber, as seen in the ‘Steel Deal’ section.

“Action Target had previously adopted several different forms of a newsletter, but the formats did not fully support the entire world market that makes up the shooting industry. After discussing the matter very candidly with many of our clients, it was obvious there was a need not being met. Therefore, we put together a very ambitious plan for a weekly newsletter that would properly address the items that encompass the aspects of the shooting world desire from Action Target. To date, we have received thousands of positive comments about our weekly newsletter in addition to the hundreds of times it has been republished,” said Chad Burdette, Portable Target Sales Consultant.

The Action Target weekly newsletter has continued to evolve since its first publication. It has gone from a static publication to one actively soliciting feedback from the readers. That feedback has resulted in strategic partnerships, as seen with Hufcor and their FlexTact Reconfigureable Shoothouse and Reactive Target System (RTS) for their Self-Healing Targets and economical Mobile Wireless Hit- Counting system.

To subscribe to the Action Target weekly newsletter, please visit the subscription section of their website, Action Target Newsletter Subscription. For Action Target’s the full line of products and services visit their website, To purchase Action Target products for drop shipment direct to your U.S. range or facility, shop online at For other range-related needs, visit their subsidiary website, Law Enforcement Targets.


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