AMITYVILLE, New York – DeSantis Gunhide®, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces the Pocket Shot™ holster.

“DeSantis didn’t invent concealment, we just perfected it”.

The Pocket Shot™ is our latest way to conceal and rapidly access your small auto. The #110 disguises itself as a wallet but can be brought into action instantly without removing the gun. It’s made of black leather, is ambidextrous, and will carry several different 380 and 32 autos listed below.

  • The style #110 retails for $39.99.
  • Colt Mustang, Pony, Pocketlite
  • Ambidextrous – Black
  • Kahr P380 110BJR7Z0
  • Ruger LCP 380 Cal
  • Keltec P32, P3AT
  • Sig P238
  • Taurus 738 TCP

DeSantis Gunhide® is a leading manufacturer of city, state and federal law enforcement agencies, military, as well as the hunting and shooting industries around the world. DeSantis Gunhide® delivers a full-range of holsters and accessories to meet and exceed the needs of its customers.

For more information, please visit or email us at

You may also speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-GUNHIDE.

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