Model 65020

MSRP $249.99

Flat-Out™ Feeder is truly revolutionary with its “easy” setup to its patented design that shows feed levels from a distance.

The Flat-Out™ Feeder is made from durable steel with powder coating to prevent rusting. Its domed lid eliminates water buildup preventing clogging, mildew and barrel rusting. The barrel holds 250 pounds (variable based on type of feed) or 40 gallons of feed. It has a built-in funnel that keeps the feed flowing to the spinner plates in The Vault™ preventing hang-ups.

The Flat-Out™ Feeder Tri Pod Feeder comes with The Vault™. The Vault™ locks varmints out and locks feed in! The Vault™ is 6V Digital Feeder Spinning Control Unit that controls the amount of food released. It has simple- to-use program settings. You can program up to 6 feedings per day with 1 to 30 second run time settings with speed settings of high, medium and low.

The Vault™ has a weatherproof case with hinges for convenient access to the remote and battery. With its long lasting, high-torque, industrial-grade DC motor, The Vault™ is dependable. When the feeder motor turns on, the spinning plate lowers and starts slinging feed! The spring-loaded feed plates broadcast feed from 24 to 52 feet in diameter. When the feeding is complete, The Vault™ automatically locks shut again until the next scheduled feed time.

Primos® Flat-Out™ Feeder will keep more mature deer on your property by minimizing trips to check feed levels and lessening the human scent contamination around your feed site. It will change the way you feed deer and manage your deer herd.

Accessories for the Flat-Out™ Tri-Pod Feeder:

6 Volt Battery (Model 64013) MSRP $19.99

Jack up the strength of your feeder for an all season long performance for your Flat-Out™ Feeder.

6 Volt Solar Panel (Model 64014) MSRP $29.99

6 Volt Mono Crystalline Solar Panel uses the sun’s energy to charge 6V batteries for game cameras.

6 & 12 Volt Universal Battery Charger (Model 64010) MSRP $19.99

One charger works for all 6V & 12V gel style barriers with an over charge protection feature.

For more information on Primos® Flat-Out™ Feeders or any of Primos® top-quality products visit our website at, or contact Primos® Hunting at or 1-800-523-2395.

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