Shooting USA – Scholastic Clay Target Nationals and Movie Guns
We’re in Sparta, Illinois with the next generation of clay shooters for the Scholastic Clay Target Program’s National Championships, when the emphasis is on team work. Then we’re switching to live birds. Mike Irvine has a Duck Tech tip for hunters. Plus, Movie Guns. You’ve seen the movies. Now meet the firearms and the owner who provides them to Hollywood.And the Army’s riflemen explain the math involved in first shot accuracy, shooting up-hill or down.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Railroad Spike
It’s hard enough to split a bullet on an axe, but George Sutton is taking that shot to a whole new level. Mr. Flintlock tries splitting a playing card and the bullet on the same shot.

Then Jerry Miculek takes an average guy to shooting school, showing him what most of us already know, being a pro shooter is far from easy. It’s more explosive fun with Jerry’s big game revolver, the Smith & Wesson 460 Magnum. Plus an Impossible Shots Classic as Byron Ferguson uses his longbow to mirror the shot Annie Oakley made famous with her rifle.

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