Ruger Tactical Tips Videos, featuring Lt. Dave Spaulding (Ret’d), has gone into a second edition. The original video series included self-defense basics for responsible gun owners using handguns. The “Second Edition” is entitled Ruger Tactical Carbine Tips.

Ruger Tactical Tips is a collection of self-defense tips with career law enforcement officer Dave Spaulding, designed to help individuals learn proper skills and techniques to defend themselves. In Ruger Tactical Carbine Tips, Spaulding focuses on the popular AR-style carbine to explain a host of techniques and help prepare shooters for an array of combat situations. Spaulding has worked in all facets of law enforcement and was a founding member of his agency’s SWAT Team. He was also the commander of a multi-agency narcotics task force that included local, state and federal investigators. Most recently, he received the 2010 Trainer of the Year Award by Law Officer Magazine.

Other video presentations are available including Tech Tips, Beginner Shooting Tips and Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Competitions, among others.

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