BAKERSFIELD, Mo. (July 8, 2011) – Jewel Bait Co., the 22-year-old fishing jig manufacturer responsible for introducing silicone spider skirts, the Peanut Butter and Jelly color, powder coated jig heads, textured heads, wide leg and regular skirt-strand combinations, the J Lock™ trailer keeper system and the first horizontal falling jigs with its Eakins Jig, is making its first ever ICAST appearance next week.

Jewel will be showcasing several new and recently introduced products, including the FlopTop Jig, Swim It, Hole Punch Skirts and new Slab Flash’R crappie jigheads, under its related brands of Jewel, Big Strike, BayCoast, Hyper Striper and others.

The FlopTop Jig is a modern version of the two-strand combination that Jewel pioneered in the mid-1980s. The FlopTop has long wide-leg strands on the outside and regular strands on the inside. The layering effect creates an undulating motion while moving, and then a two-stage “unfolding” process when the jig comes to rest, exposing the trailer bait as an “easy meal.”

The FlopTop style is available in Jewel’s Football Jig and J Lock Flip’N Jig series, and it comes in a variety of colors.

The Jewel Hole Punch is the ultimate punch-rig skirt. The HyperCone™ center keeps the layered skirting flared to its fullest configuration. Plus, the HyperCone slides down over the hook eye to secure the line and protect the snell.

Jewel’s Swim-It offers unique swim jig properties afforded by its boat-hull-like head design and unique Metallulite™ construction. Both 1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizes feature heavy-duty black nickel Mustad® Ultra Point™ hooks and Jewel’s patent-pending J Lock bait keeper.

The company’s new Big Strike SlabFlash’R crappie jigheads incorporate the company’s precision design expertise where balance is as important as features. SlabFlash’R heads are made to run perfectly true regardless of retrieve speeds and feature a unique bait holding collar. The heads feature a proprietary KandyKote finish for high-gloss and durable colors in red, black, pink and chartreuse.

SlabFlash’Rs are available in three sizes – 1/16, 1/8 and 3/16 ounce – each featuring a size 2 custom designed Mustad Ultra Point hook.

Look for the SlabFlash’R, FlopTop, Swim It and other items from the Jewel family in the ICAST New Product Showcase, and see all products at Jewel booth #2157.

For more information about Jewel Bait and its entire product line, visit

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Gary Dollahon (918) 640-9084
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