Eckernfoerde, Germany — SIG SAUER GmbH., the leading manufacturer of commercial, law enforcement and military firearms, has been selected as the official duty pistol provider of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.

The SIG SAUER Model P250 will replace the stock of Walther P5s and GLOCK 17s currently in use by the Netherland police. Approximately 42,000 PPNL variants will be delivered between 2011 and 2013.

This contract marks the first time in 25 years that the Netherland police service has chosen a new sidearm. TheP250 was selected over offerings from Walther, Heckler & Koch, and Beretta.

“After two years of exhaustive testing, we are gratified to see the P250 selected as the weapon of choice,” said Managing Director, Dr. Andreas Wende, SIG SAUER GmbH. “We appreciate the Ministry taking the time for a complete and intensive testing process in making this decision. SIG SAUER is grateful to have been selected, and we look forward to proudly serving with the Netherland National Police.”

The SIG SAUER® P250® DC in 9mm, offers a unique trigger and fire-control system that can be removed from the pistol as a single unit. This allows armorers to drop the unit into any size grip frame and use any length of barrel for a mission-specific custom fit. For agencies with a large and diverse population of users, this adaptability is a cost-effective method of ensuring proper ergonomic fit for all shooters.

In addition to duty pistols, the multi-million dollar contract will require SIG SAUER to provide training pistols, “blue” instruction pistols, Simunition®-adapted pistols and cut-away pistols.

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