Minneapolis, MN. July 15, 2011 -Mitch Petrie has announced the establishment of Muddy Boot Productions, LLC, a Minnesota-based television-production company. Muddy Boot Productions, creator of the Telly-Award-winning series “Wardens” on Outdoor Channel, offers a new spin on outdoor TV for hunters, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

History: An outdoorsman himself, Petrie joined creative forces in 2004 with renowned outdoorsmen Steve Puppe and Dale Larson, to produce popular Outdoor Channel series Rocky Geared Up. In 2008, Mitch was recruited by Ron Schara to serve as President and Executive Producer of Ron Schara Productions, producers of high-quality shows such as Minnesota Bound (NBC/KARE11), Backroads with Ron & Raven and Due North Outdoors (FOX Sports North/Wisconsin) and Legends of Rod & Reel (Outdoor Channel). Mitch was also Series Creator and Executive Producer for two popular Outdoor Channel shows including Destination Polaris and FOXPRO’s Fast & Furious (Outdoor Channel).

Petrie’s new enterprise, Muddy Boot Productions, currently focuses on “WARDENS” which airs Thursdays at 9:30 PM EST on Outdoor Channel. Wardens debuted as a top-rated show-thus prompting the move to an hour-long format in 2012. Series producer, Steve Puppe, manages the production of Wardens from his office in Hamilton, MT.

Petrie states other original and exciting productions are already in the works-so stay tuned.

For more information on the show, please visit http://www.outdoorchannel.com/wardens

For more information on Muddy Boot Productions, please visit http://www.muddyboot.com

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