Flagstaff, AZ – Activity on the Bolt Fire northeast of Munds Park increased today with the dry conditions. Crews are managing the fire to protect and enhance wildlife habitat and reduce hazardous fuels.  Fire recycles nutrients into the soil, promoting the growth of grasses and other healthy vegetation, and reduces accumulated fuels that could lead to more intense fire under drier conditions.

Activity and smoke are expected to increase over the next several days with a drying trend in the forecast.  In the evenings and early mornings, smoke will follow canyons and drainages into Munds Park, Sedona, and Walnut Canyon areas, and should lift and disperse as the morning warms.

Bolt Fire Facts

  • Behavior: Short flame lengths and steady movement across the forest floor.
  • Start Date: July 11, 2011
  • Location: Approximately 6 miles northeast of Munds Park, between I-17 and Lake Mary Road
  • Size: 350+ acres, little growth over the last several days
  • Road Closures: There are no road closures at this time, but travelers in the area should be cautious of fire crews and equipment.

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