The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were charged with the responsibilities of creating and maintaining a new energy future for their state. Not only this, but also for protecting Connecticut’s environment and natural resources as well.

The steps that the department is going to make is just a vision of what they want to do when it comes to building a better energy and environmental policy and outlook for the whole state. They also want to encourage the development and use of the clean energy technologies.

The environment is going to be protected in new ways as well. They want to make sure there is more pollution control, conservation of any and all natural resources, and steady management of the parks and forests. Both departments are coming together to provide a better environment for all of Connecticut. This new merge is going to be seen everywhere.

There are three branches within the new agency:

  • Environmental Conservation

They are responsible for the state parks, state forests, and the fisheries and wildlife management issues.

  • Energy

Responsible for reviewing energy rates, water, cable, and other utilities. They are responsible for developing new energy efficient ways to control power within the state.

  • Environmental Quality

Environmental regulatory programs that protect the quality of the air, land, and water for the area.

The new merge of agencies also brought along a new website, logo, and other specials that were never seen before. Both management areas had previous logos and websites for their specific groups, but decided to merge the two since the two management programs merged.

Their address has stayed the same however, so you can still get a hold of the management programs through those addresses and phone numbers. Both of which are listed on their website.

By bringing both of the energy functions and management teams together, Connecticut hopes to up their state as a whole, and this means more wildlife management and perhaps better hunting rules for the hunters that live there. They are hoping to tackle any major issues that might arise.

Check out the new website at

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