The new Stealth-Flex™ series of mouth-blown predator calls allow hunters to make realistic sounds that will bring in the most wary predators.

Stealth-Flex calls come in a variety of styles in the Johnny Stewart® line including the PC-8 Variable Pitch call, which can produce pup squeals, mid-range and high-pitched squeals and low- pitched long-range squalls. It can also reproduce raccoon chatter and chicken cackles. Other calls include the Pitch Controlled Predator Call, Rabbit Distress Call and the Stealth-Flex Fox Call. A Johnny Stewart Slammer Crow Call is also available for hunters who like to use a mouth-blown call to hunt crows.

All Stealth-Flex calls feature a soft rubber barrel to help callers change tone and volume of the calls. The Variable Pitch Call sells for a suggested retail price of $11.99. The Pitch Controlled, Rabbit Distress and Fox Calls sell for $9.99 and the Slammer Crow Call for $8.99.

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