Big Wigz Skins introduces the newest and stylish way for golfers to express their love for the hunt while teeing it up. The Big Wigz Skin, available in Realtree AP™ and APG™, allows golfers of all ages and skill levels to personalize and protect their drivers and metal woods through a non-permanent self-adhesive vinyl in a high resolution printed Realtree pattern . The skin adheres to and completely covers the top surface of the driver and metal woods, giving the club a new “paint” like finish without permanently altering the club head.

Quick Facts about Big Wigz Skins:

  • Conforms to United State Golf Association (USGA) Rules.
  • Only adds 2 grams of weight to the club head.
  • Does not change or damage the top surface of the club and is easily removable.

Big Wigz Skins was awarded by the golf industry’s top buyers as 1 of 3 Best New Products at the 2010 PGA Fall Expo and 2011 PGA Merchandise Show.

The Realtree Big Wigz Skins are available at


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