E. Rutherford, NJ– Mil-Comm Products Co., Inc., makers of the TW25B® brand of lubricant protectants, has recently developed and added MC50® Bore Cleaner to its family of products.

Authorized by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to market a line of NRA® licensed firearms lubricants and cleaners, Mil-Comm Products is initially offering MC50® in a 4 oz. bottle that deploys a unique, organic cleaning oil that will treat bore, choke and cylinder surfaces to address copper, lead, plastic wads and other hard-fouling. Unlike standard bore cleaning products that use heavy solvents to attack hard buildup, MC50® frees residue in the bore by wetting debris and getting underneath it.

“The MC50® bore cleaner makes for a perfect addition to our gun care line,” explains Gordon Furlong, president and CEO, Mil-Comm Products Co., Inc. “We’ve spent a long time engineering this product, but we wanted to develop a formula that was worthy of association with our high performance product line.”

Mil-Comm Products Co. offers its proprietary synthetic lubricant protectant technology for weapons applications under the TW25B® grease, MC2500® oil, MC3000® semifluid and MC1210® bearing grease brand names, along with its MC25® cleaner degreaser.

Mil-Comm Products Co. is a manufacturer of specialty lubricant and cleaner products, supplying the defense industry, various sporting goods and industrial markets.

For more information, contact Mil-Comm Products, toll-free, at 877-NRA-GUN1, or e-mail them at info@nraguncare.com, or visit them on web at www.nraguncare.com.

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