If you’re 15 years of age or younger — and you’re looking forward to hunting ducks and geese on Utah’s special Youth Hunting Day — you need to be aware of two changes:

  • You may not take light geese on Sept. 17.

You can still take Canada geese, but snow, blue and Ross’ geese may not be taken that day.

Utah’s light goose hunting season can’t run for more than 107 days.  But a 108-day season was inadvertently approved for this fall.  Not allowing youth to take light geese on the youth day will cut the season back to 107 days and bring Utah into compliance with federal law.

Light geese usually don’t migrate into Utah until later in the season, so not allowing youth to take light geese shouldn’t diminish the fun young hunters have on youth day.

  • The main pond at the Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area won’t have any water in it.

Sept. 17 is the day Utah will hold its special Youth Hunting Day.  Hunters who are 15 years of age or younger on Sept. 17 can hunt ducks and geese that day.  That’s two full weeks before the general waterfowl hunt opens on Oct. 1.

Sept. 17 should be a fun day for young hunters.  But if Salt Creek is the place you planned to hunt, you might want to look for another spot.

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