Fort Smith, Ark. – Created with design input from B.A.S.S. Elite Pro Edwin Evers, the new YUM F2 MightEE Worm was made with monster bass in mind. It’s 10 ½-inches long with an arrowhead shaped bulge toward the end. Because the worm tapers to a smaller circumference before blowing back out to the bulge, the tail section wags back-and-forth in the water with each breath of current. The flat hooking side of the MightEE Worm prompts it to sink in a “searching” pattern, wagging back and forth. Along with the water-pushing ribs, the MightEE Worm creates plenty of displacement to attract big bass.

The MightEE Worm is intended to be matched with the new YUM Pumpkin ‘Ed “Power Shakin’” jighead, which forces the worm to stand straight up when at rest on bottom, but can be rigged on a regular Texas or Carolina rig. No doubt it also will also see early spring action rigged weightless or even wacky rigged when big bass are in the shallows. A dozen color patterns include Watermelon Red, Red Bug, Red Blood Line, Green Pumpkin and Virgo Blue, among others that bass can’t resist. Whether you’re fishing ledges at Kentucky Lake, weeds at Guntersville or anywhere big bass live, the MightEE Bug shakes ‘em up.

The new YUM F2 MightEE Bug has an MSRP of just $4.99. For more information go to

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