San Diego, Calif. — American Handgunner wraps up 2011 with its Nov./Dec. issue, which brings the centennial of the 1911 to a close.

The Nov./Dec. issue takes a look at how Les Baer turned his one-man shop into the brand franchise it is today — by putting quality first.

“Every single thing we do is hand-fit and hand-built, period,” said Baer. “It’s got my name on it so it’d better be right.”

As the 100th anniversary of the 1911 comes to an end, American Handgunner turns its attention to two more custom 1911s built by Les Baer: the Custom Centennial and the Presentation Grade. Both feature loads of custom finishing touches, including genuine ivory grips, hand-cut checkering and either a charcoal blue finish or hand engraving.

Also tipping their hats to the centennial birthday of the 1911 is the company that made the first one. Colt’s 100th Anniversary Edition 1911 is about as close as you can get to the original. In “A ‘Real’ 1911,” read more about the blue-black finish, double diamond checkered walnut grips and slide engravings, which read, “ADOPTED MARCH 29, 1911 – UNITED STATES ARMY.”

Handgunner urges readers to remember our troops this holiday season. There are numerous charities and ways to get gifts and care packages to those deployed overseas. Check out John Connor’s top picks in “The Grunt’s Gift Guide 2011,” and spread a little Christmas cheer to our servicemen and -women.

Don’t miss the chance to enter the Handgun of the Month giveaway. One lucky Handgunner reader will win an FMK 9C1B 9mm auto featuring the Bill of Rights engraved on the slide, as well as micro-engravings of the names of notable historical figures, including John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Also included is a bonus accessory package featuring items from Benchmade, Alessi Holsters and 5.11 Tactical. To enter to win the FMK 9C1B, and for more information on the gun and extras included in the package, visit

Continue to follow Mike “Duke” Venturino’s 12-part series on the Genesis of the Colt Single Action with “Part 9: The Second Generation SAA,” available exclusively on the American Handgunner website at

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