Jackson, Wis. – Skeptics still cry foul about Admiral Byrd’s 1926 flight over the North Pole. The reason the journey across the tip of the Earth might not be as claimed was on account of equipment failure: the explorer’s aircraft faltered in the ultra-cold climate. By the end of his Arctic expedition, Byrd realized the havoc sub-zero temperatures could take on gear.

On a slightly smaller scale, any angler who has ever set foot upon the frozen tundra of the Great Lakes, or any massive expanse of hardwater, knows it takes heavy-duty gear to endure tough transport to the holy fishing grounds. Often, miles of being towed over the hard-as-rock surface behind an ATV or snowmobile will render inferior equipment useless before the first hole’s even drilled.

The Great Lakes Premium Wood Tip-Up’s plank is carved from high-grade hardwood, so it won’t split like firewood. The spool is premium machined aluminum, thus won’t nick up and terminally damage fishing line. Its sturdy shaft is pre-lubed with Frabill Sub-Zero® lubricant and won’t seize up in Arctic-like conditions. This, and it’s innovative ‘shaft-within-the-shaft’ design allows the unit to be easily re-lubed in the future, keeping the ultra-glide shaft spinning smoothly for a lifetime.

“The Great Lakes Premium Wood Tip-Up is made to withstand the abuse of everyday use on big water, whether you’re a professional angler or a weekend warrior,” said Pat Kalmerton, barbaric Great Lakes Guide and Frabill Pro Staff. “Yet they’re ultra smooth performance won’t spook fish during the initial strike and run. Whether it’s a solid stroke from a giant pike or trout, or the light bite of a walleye or jumbo perch, this tip-up is up to the challenge.”

The Great Lakes Premium is a first-class tip-up with intuitive design details that matter, such as an engraved ruler for quick length calculations; dual trigger settings for both solid and soft biters; removable shaft for easy maintenance; and a highly visible flag with reflective material that’s perfect for both day and night conditions.

The Great Lakes Premium Wood Tip-Up would have been an admirable addition to any of the Admiral’s expeditions. We’re not quite sure what swims beneath the Arctic shelf, but know that this tip-up wouldn’t have failed Byrd when dinner was on the line.


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