“Battlefield to Backcountry” Concept Drives Company to Develop Superior Clothing

The relentless pursuer of game has a new ally in Kryptek™ Outdoor Apparel – whose products are born from battlefield knowledge, taking what works in combat and honing it for hunting and other outdoor adventure use. Founded by a highly-decorated and vastly experienced group of men with first-hand knowledge of everything from air, land and sea combat to high tech camouflage development, Kryptek translates their military experience into product features to meet the needs of soldiers and civilian hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska, Kryptek Outdoor Group manufactures high-end hunting clothing; designs specialized products for law enforcement and armed forces; and develops high tech camouflage patterns. Its products are aimed at the thrill-seeker who desires extreme conditions and seeks to push the boundaries of what is possible. More than just clothing, the company integrates tactical gear concepts and evolves this technology into technical hunting apparel and other top-of-the-line clothing that is comfortable, functional and durable.

“We come from a background where performance matters and results are expected,” said CEO Butch Whiting, an 11-year veteran of the U.S. Army who served in Afghanistan and received two Bronze Stars among other recognitions. “The same principals of aiming for accomplishment and victory, of no compromises, of leaving nothing to chance, especially your gear – these all apply to hunting as well, which is why we are fusing the two with our apparel.”

Bringing “Battlefield to Backcountry” Kryptek looks to outdo expectations and deliver serious hunters and outdoorsmen with superior products modeled after what is used by our nation’s elite. In order to achieve this Kryptek counts on its pro-staff, a cadre of men involved in special ops to help test and give feedback and help create the most functional gear on the planet.

Kryptek’s Law Enforcement and Armed Forces (L.E.A.F.) subsidiary is driven to do what no other company does – provide customized, performance-based apparel that is specific and unique. It is focused on serving law enforcement, armed forces, first responders, homeland defense and other government agencies. Pre-conceived notions of what customers want do not drive the company. Instead, Kryptek is dedicated to creating preeminent apparel based on field-input and customer feedback. This group depends on their gear, period. Kryptek understands this and joins with its customers to design and manufacture apparel that will work for them.

Kryptek also creates technologically advanced camouflage patterns. The goal is simple: enhance survivability and mission success. Hunters are consistently looking for more effective camouflage for these two reasons. Using field knowledge and advanced technology, Kryptek creates anything but generic patterns. Avoiding the mere use of sticks and leaves, the company utilizes the teams’ nearly decade worth of experience designing the leading hunting camouflage patterns in the industry and combines it with the foremost innovative scientific techniques available in order to generate the most effective and appealing patterns possible.

For more information on Kryptek or any of technical clothing with military apparel attributes imbedded within it contact Kryptek at PO Box 10652, Fairbanks, Ark. 99710 · Or visit http://www.kryptek.com.

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