New Berlin, WI October 5, 2011– Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, is proud to announce another season of one of the most addicting and intense bowhunting shows in the industry – Arrow Affliction. Season four brings back the highly engaging personality of host Brooks Johnson and his dedication and exploration to modern bowhunting and the pursuit of anything that runs, flies or swims. The brand new season of Arrow Affliction incorporates training sessions into hunt preparation, encourages viewer-participation and even showcases its own original, hard-rock music soundtrack – key ingredients for a premium hunting show! Arrow Affliction airs during Sportsman Channel’s “Full Draw Fridays” at 9 p.m. ET.

The fourth season incorporates new technologies for its die-hard viewers, starting with the addition of high-speed camera work. This new feature brings amazing slow-motion impact pictures so viewers can see arrow flight patterns. Audiences will also recognize a new graphics package to enhance the visual appeal of the interviews that guide the show. Arrow Affliction spares no expense this season as Johnson canvasses the United States with exceptional and unique hunts – including a “winter whiteout” hunt in Nebraska and trips to Florida and North Carolina.

“We’re a show that prides ourselves on delivering cutting-edge bowhunting that can’t be found anywhere else on television,” said Brooks Johnson, host of Arrow Affliction. “I always like to push the envelope by engaging a variety of quarry. The first episode of the season showcases me tagging a tundra swan out-of-the-air with my last arrow in North Carolina – what a moment! Episode four will illustrate how I use a predator call to lure in a mule deer – it’s hard to think anyone is having more fun than me when hunting and shooting.”

Johnson added, “This season will bring to light alternative hunting methods that are effective and will challenge viewers in the way they typically hunt. The ‘tundra swan’ episode is a perfect example as I use a recurve bow to knock down a swan in-the-air. Adding different elements and offering fresh content are VERY important to the success of our show.”

Johnson knows the business of bowhunting. He founded Double Bull Archery in 1995 and sold his successful enterprise in 2007 to Primos Game Calls. He always carves out time for his wife and three children, ages four to 15-years-old, and gives back to the community by serving as the Vice President of the Minnesota Bowhunters Inc. He once owned a cat named Target, and he’s the reigning Minnesota record-holder for flathead catfish free-dive noodling.

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