EXETER, N.H. October 10, 2011 — Max Michel, Jr., capitalized on his European shooting experience to take a fourth-place overall finish at this year’s International Practical Shooting Confederation’s World Shoot XVI. As part of Team USA, Michel helped the U.S bring home the Gold Medal in the Open Division.

Earlier in the season, Michel traveled to the site of this year’s World Shoot, Rhodes, Greece, to compete in the Greek Open. Michel scored a second-place finish, but gained valuable experience for the main match.

“”It’s more difficult to compete overseas than you might think,” Michel said. “In addition to the time change and language challenges, there are subtle rule differences that can really bite you.”

“For example, they have slightly different “load and make ready” rules. Unless you’re really paying attention and focused, it’s easy to end up disqualified.”

In general the stages are smaller, and feature more technically challenging shots than the typical American course of fire, Michel said. The targets are often small and in tight quarters with no shoots, he said.

Smaller stages don’t mean less shooting, however. Over six days, more than 1,380 competitors shot 30 stages.

With a final score of 2032.2343 Michel finished just 129.2484 points behind the top score. Michel lost about 40 points to the leader after some arbitrations removed certain targets from the overall score.

This match brings an end to Michel’s 2011 competitive season.

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