Jackson, Missi. – The Commission on Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks passed a Public Notice of Intent on commercial fishing.  The proposed regulation requires a person selling crawfish caught from Mississippi public waters to obtain a commercial fishing license. The new regulations also provide special permits to remove aquatic nuisance species and targets Asian carp and gar.  These are only a few of the changes projected for these statewide regulations.

“These changes provide more opportunities for commercial anglers,” says Ron Garavelli, MDWFP Fisheries Bureau Director. “The new language also clearly defines certain types of gear and techniques the fishermen can use.”

The Fisheries Bureau would like your input on these changes. The Public Notice of Intent is available to view on the MDWPF website, www.mdwfp.com home page under the “2011-2012 Public Notice of Intent” tab.

Please contact the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks for additional information at 601-432-2400 or to voice your opinion.

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