Great Britain’s Richard Jeens won the Individual World Long Range Rifle Championships in Brisbane, Australia with a final score of 725-049X. Ceremonially hoisted in the air by his fellow competitors at the Awards Ceremony (thanks again to US Palma Team member Dave Cloft for the above picture), Jeens was all smiles with a title that remains in his position until the next Championships in 2015.

Finishing 5th overall in the three day aggregate, Jeens had to rely on his shooting skills a little bit of luck to win the shoot off (the top ten competitors after the three day’s of competition advance to a final shoot off.) The little bit of luck came by way of the winds during the 1,000 phase of the competition. Long Range shooters usually deal with all sorts of conditions, but the day’s wind was enough to knock a few of the favorites out of the top ten.

With the Individual side of the competition complete, all that remains is the Palma Match. Here are the final individual scores:

The World Individual Long Range Match
Richard Jeens Great Britain 725-049X
Andre’ Du Toit South Africa 723-068X
David Luckman Great Britain 723-068X
Andre’ Du Toit South Africa 723-068X
Jane Messer Great Britain 508-043x
Jane Messer Great Britain 723-062X
Geoffrey Grenfell Bendigo 722-069X
Trudie Fay USA 722-060X
Johannes Du Toit South Africa 721-057X
Jim Bailey Australia 720-059X
John Whidden USA 719-060X
Nancy Tompkins USA 719-058X


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