Babes with Bullets ™ is a three day “immersion” camp program, led by a professional all female staff, teaching novice women how to shoot handguns and some camps also offer rifle training. The program is lead by head instructor, Kay Miculek, who is a several time World “Action Pistol” Champion and also a 14 time national multi-gun champion. The camps also accommodate women who want to move up in competitions such as United States Practical Shooting Association ( or IDPA.

The Babes with Bullets program started in 2004 and is organized in regional areas across the US by camp director Deb Ferns. According to Ferns there are over 2,100 camper alumnae, the majority having very little experience with a gun prior to camp. “Think of this camp as part firearms training, part adventure camp and part pajama party” said Ferns. Camp locations selected so far for 2012 are:

March 16th to 18th, 2012: Hosted at the Rocky Creek Ranch ( near Sarasota, FL. Handgun camp for both novice and intermediate women with campers arriving on Thursday afternoon/evening of March 15th with departure early afternoon of Sunday, March 16th.

April 13th to 15th, 2012: Hosted outside of Shreveport, LA, at the home range of head instructor, Kay Miculek . This is a”Combo Camp” offering two days of handgun and one day of AR-15 rifle (both handguns and rifles loaned by S&W.) This will be a camp for novice and intermediate women with late arrival on Thursday, April 12th. Three full range days with the program ending late Sunday, April 15th.

May 18th to 20th, 2012: Kalamazoo, Michigan is our Midwest location for 2012. This camp is offered to both the intermediate and novice women with campers staying nearby at Willow Lake Lodge. Arrival on Thursday afternoon, May 17th and departure from the range mid-day Sunday, May 20th.

June 29th to July 1st, 2012: Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We’ll be holding our second annual camp at the Routt County Gun Range with housing nearby. This is a novice and intermediate camp with arrival on Thursday afternoon, June 28th with departure by mid-day on July 1st, Sunday.

September 2012: Rockcastle, KY is our newest location ( offering a beginner and intermediate level camp. This will be a “Combo Camp” offering handgun and rifle training. Arrival on the afternoon of Friday, September 7th and departure late afternoon of Monday, September 10th.

October 12th to 14th, 2012: Tucson, Arizona. We’ll be at the Tucson Rifle Club, home range of camp director Deb Ferns. Arrival on Thursday afternoon, October 11th. This will be a novice and intermediate camp with departure early afternoon of Sunday, October 14th.

November 2nd to 4th, 2012: We are planning on a “combo camp” of handgun and rifle in the Texas area the first weekend of November with campers arriving on Thursday evening, November 1st. Range days of November 2nd to 4th (Friday to Sunday.)

The cost of camp is $675, which includes housing, food, range fees, instructor costs and use of complimentary firearms, provided by Smith & Wesson. Since 2004 Smith & Wesson has been the Foundation sponsor of the camps and along with their financial support the loan of both handguns and rifles allows women to “try before they buy”. Additional sponsorship by OTIS Technology (Platinum), United States Practical Shooting Association (Gold), Atlanta Arms & Ammo (Gold), JP Enterprise (Silver), Hi Viz Shooting Systems (Silver), Safariland (Silver) and Howard Leight (Bronze) allows the camps to be offered at a significant discount. Training webisodes, taped at camps, are and additional pieces can also be seen at the NSSF “Pull the Trigger” on-line.

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