Concord, N.H. — New Hampshire’s 2011 moose season wrapped up on Sunday, October 23, and preliminary figures show 289 hunters succeeded in taking their moose during the 9-day season, in spite of being challenged by rainy, windy, warm conditions. With a total of 408 permits issued, this represents a statewide success rate of 71%. That’s down a bit from last year, when weather conditions were perfect every day and the state realized a 76% success rate, but results are up from 2009 (65%) and 2008 (64%). The breakdown for the harvest was about 68% bulls and 32% cows, which is typical of moose hunting in New Hampshire. Final season results will be available upon completion of registration data entry and analysis.

“The weather was far from perfect for moose hunters this year, with almost constant rain and wind in the North Country and temperatures in the 50’s and even reaching into the 70’s in some parts of the state,” said Kristine Rines, moose biologist for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Warmer temperatures and rain tend to keep moose bedded down, making them harder for hunters to find.

Around the state this year, preliminary numbers show moose hunters in the Connecticut Lakes Region saw a success rate of 79%; the North Region, 73%; the White Mountain Region, 76%; the Central Region, 62%; the Southwest Region, 65%; and the Southeast Region, 25%.

Hunters from 16 different U.S. states — including Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan and Washington — and the United Kingdom won permits to hunt moose in New Hampshire this year. About 85 percent of the permits went to New Hampshire residents.

A ten-year comparison of regional success rates for the N.H. moose hunt is available at

Find out more about moose hunting in New Hampshire, including a link to a gallery of photos, at

Nearly 14,000 people entered this year’s lottery for a chance to participate in the New Hampshire moose hunt. Why not try your luck next year? The 2012 moose hunt lottery opens in late January and runs through May 25, 2012. Apply at or license agents statewide.

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