Whoever coined the phrase “fly straight as an arrow” must have had NuFletch on his or her mind. Now you have an arrow fletching option that is just as accurate, if not more so, as conventional fletching with greater versatility.

With NuFletch you can expect your arrow to fly flatter, hit harder and attain deeper penetration. You’ll also find your arrows shooting in tighter groups. If traveling has ever been an issue, set your mind at ease with the easy take-down system NuFletch provides that eliminates possible fletching damage in transit.

NuFletch is guaranteed to provide accurate fletching assembly, replacement, instant color change and brand name vane swapping to allow you to easily tune your broadhead. Move your fletching from shaft to shaft for different hunting elements and seasons to maximize your ability to adapt to any situation afield. NuFletch makes your favorite arrow even better.

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