Shotgun deer season is just around the corner meaning the DNR is bracing for a spike in phone calls from frustrated hunters wondering why they can’t buy a landowner tenant license or they can’t find their hunter education card but they took the class.

As a service to the hunters, the DNR has compiled a list of common themes to help hunters avoid problems leading up to the first shotgun deer season.

Hunter Education

Hunters who just completed hunter education must bring their certificate of completion with them when they buy their license.

Anyone born after 1972 is required to satisfactorily complete a hunter education course before they can buy a license. Residents under 16 years of age who hunt under the direct supervision of their properly licensed parent or guardian do not need hunter education, a hunting license or pay the habitat fee. One properly licensed hunter must accompany each unlicensed hunter under 16 years old.

Residents 12 to 15 years old who have completed hunter education may hunt without adult supervision, but must have a hunting license.

All hunters must have a deer or wild turkey license in order to hunt deer or wild turkey.

Lost Hunter Education Card

Hunters required to show proof of hunter education and cannot locate their card should call the DNR with the following information: full name, date of birth, approximate date when course was completed, location/county where course was completed, and, if possible, the instructor(s) name and any other student names from the class.

Hunters who have previously provided their hunter education certificate to a retail agent and are in need of a duplicate certificate may purchase a duplicate hunter education certificate for $4.50 anywhere hunting and fishing licenses are sold.

Deer License Options

Hunters may buy one statewide any deer gun license, one statewide any deer bow license and antlerless only in counties where the quotas have not filled. There is no combination of licenses that will allow a hunter to hunt deer during both shotgun seasons. County antlerless only quota is available on the DNR’s website at then click on quota numbers in the deer information box.

Landowner Tenant Licenses

Landowner Tenant licenses are valid only on the farm unit. Qualifying landowners are encouraged to register as soon as possible because the DNR will either verify or invalidate the status based on the information provided. To speed along the process, make sure the correct PIN number was provided, the correct county where the land is located was registered, the land is a minimum of two acres and is either agricultural or enrolled in a federal set aside program, like CRP.

Landowners who have been invalidated should contact the DNR as soon as possible with the correct information.

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