Kids have busy schedules these days. Between school, time with family, and all of their extracurricular activities, traveling around the country to shoot in competitions can become a difficult task. Add in the pressure of preparing for a national-level competition, and young competitors have the odds stacked against them. But thanks to NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division and USA Shooting, young Progressive Position Pistol (PPP) shooters now have a way to get in the practice and competition experience necessary to meet the challenge of national competition.

As NRA’s Air Gun Program Coordinator Jessi McClain tells us, NRA and USA Shooting have solved this problem by developing the Progressive Position Pistol (PPP) National Postal Program. Most PPP clubs are too far apart to compete shoulder to shoulder on a regular basis, so to solve this problem, a postal competition program was created to give junior athletes an opportunity to participate in a postal competition three times per year (Fall, Winter and Spring), leading up to the Junior Olympic PPP Nationals. This program is designed to provide competitive experience and test skills practiced in between postal matches in preparation for the Nationals.

“Just like other postal matches, competitors shoot the required course of fire at their local range and send in their scores or targets to Shooter’s Technology,” said McClain, adding that their is a high-tech twist to these postal competitions.

She explained that many PPP clubs use the electronic Orion Air Pistol scoring system, so scores fired on the Orion system will be sent as data files to Shooter’s Technology, a company that will compile the results. Clubs that do not use the Orion system will mail their targets to Shooter’s Technology to be scored. Clubs may shoot the course of fire anytime before the postmark date for each match. All targets will be scored and scores will be posted one week after the postmark due date.

Due dates for each postal are:

  • Fall Postal –postmark due date December 18, 2011
  • Winter Postal – postmark due date March 4, 2012
  • Spring Postal – postmark due date May 6, 2012

To learn more about the PPP National Postal Program including rules, course of fire, registration information and more, take a look at the online program. For questions, contact McClain at

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