Avery Killer Ghillie Blind Covers


Concealing your layout blind has never been easier. The all new Avery® Killer Ghillie Blind Cover will allow you to effectively hide in almost any environment as well as save you valuable time in the field. Spending excess time gathering stubble and vegetation to conceal your layout blind is now a memory from the past. We have developed the most effective layout blind concealment system by weaving highly durable, authentic raffia grass to these incredible covers. The All-Terrain, Golden Harvest and Winter Wheat color tones will allow you to adapt to any environment. Watch your layout blind disappear in almost any field setting with an amazing yet natural appearance of the Avery® Killer Ghillie Blind Cover. For more information on the Killer Ghillie Blind Covers and other Avery products go to www.averyoutdoors.com.

Suggested retail $119.99

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