Gold Tip’s Levi Morgan wins NFAA Indoor National Championships


Orem, UT – Levi Morgan, an ever-growing force in the world of professional archery, came up big, yet again, with his first ever win at the NFAA Indoor National Championships, March 31-April1, in Louisville, KY.

Competing with a field of 1300 participants, Levi shot a perfect score of 300 (120 x’s) for both Saturday and Sunday’s high-pressured opening rounds to make the final shoot-off for the National Title. Narrowed down to 6 of the world’s top indoor archery pros, Levi won the Championship with five “inside out” X’s (shot at 20 yards, arrow must fall within the silver dollar-sized X-ring circle without touching the line) during the final shoot-off.  With three finalists eliminated and two other finalists scoring straight X’s, Levi knew going into his fifth shot that one last inside-out “X” would win the Championship.  Keeping his composure under pressure, Morgan’s final arrow found its mark.

Morgan again counted on his Bee Stinger Premium Plus Stabilizer System and Gold Tip 7595 Pro Hunter’s to get the job done; the Pro Hunters are the same arrows he used to win the 3D World Championships, as well as other major archery tournaments.  “Whether I’m shooting indoors, outdoors, or out on a hunt for our ‘Name The Game’ TV show, the Pro Hunters are the most versatile arrows I could ask for,” said Morgan. “I know I can depend on the Pro Hunters to give me the confidence I need to find success on the circuit or in the field.“

“We couldn’t be happier for Levi, he’s worked hard for his success,” said Greg Poole, Marketing Director for Gold Tip.  “The fact that 4 of the 6 finalists that made the shoot-off at the Indoor National Championship were all Gold Tip shooters goes to show how dominant Gold Tip has become on the pro circuit – and further proves the accuracy and toughness hunters can expect in the woods.”

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