North American Media Group Supports Nationwide Campaign Against Invasive Species



North American Media Group (NAMG) pledges today full support of Wildlife Forever’s “Top 10 Invasive Species Threats Against Hunting and Fishing”. The goal is to sound the alert and activate the 1.3 million members of the North American Hunting Club and North American Fishing Club. Combined, the two clubs represent America’s largest group of conservationists leading the battle to help stop invasive species.

“It is vital all hunters, anglers and recreational users understand how invasive species will ultimately change America’s outdoor heritage in order to conserve and defend our treasured fish and wildlife resources,” said Douglas Grann, President and CEO of Wildlife Forever.  “With NAMG’s partnership, we will be able to reach millions with this critical prevention message.”

North American Hunting Club and North American Fishing Club members total more than 1.3 million. Through the media capabilities of NAMG, plans are to educate members through spotlight articles in North American Hunter and North American Fisherman print and online magazines, social media promotions and exclusive YouTube public service announcement videos.  The caveat to this effort includes filming and producing Wildlife Forever’s award-winning television series “Silent Invaders” in conjunction with the heavily viewed “North American Fisherman” television show. This season’s episodes will take a weekly look at how every day anglers can be a part of the solution to the threat of invasive species.

“We are thrilled to stand behind Wildlife Forever with this innovative program. Hunters and anglers were the first, and are still the most effective conservationists in the world. We are committed to bringing our members, media resources, and team of outdoor experts to the front lines in efforts to help educate America on the greatest threats to hunting and fishing,” said Michael Graves, President of NAMG.

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