Water Gremlin Debuts The SINKERIZER App



Fishing enthusiasts will now have the Gremlin’s sinker know-how at their fingertips with the release of Water Gremlin’s new SINKERIZER, an educational, interactive tool that suggests the best types of sinkers and appropriate riggings to use for nearly any fishing situation.

Available as a mobile application (app) and online at Water Gremlin.com, the SINKERIZER quickly helps determine the type and size of sinker based on the species of fish, the conditions (including the water and bottom) and sinker materials in the tackle box. The outcome of each search includes three unique sinker recommendations, each with an appropriate rigging suggestion from the Gremlin’s classic collection of fishing tips.

“All anglers want to fuss less and fish more,” said Captain Scott Simpson, a Water Gremlin Pro-Staffer. “So whether you’re in the tackle aisle at the sporting goods store or already in the boat, Water Gremlin’s free SINKERIZER offers a wide range of tips to help make that day of fishing more enjoyable, and hopefully more successful.”

Created by Water Gremlin, the premier American fishing sinker company, the SINKERIZER includes a wide selection of popular freshwater and saltwater species. Anglers also choose from 10 different variations of fishing conditions, and select variables for the water clarity and bottom conditions. In addition, there are options for traditional lead sinkers or non-leaded varieties.

“We designed a wide variety of sinkers because there are so many different fishing situations,” said The Gremlin, the company’s beloved mascot, “This nifty tool can help anglers find just the right sinker they need for the best fishing experience.”

“I’ve always fished with the motto ‘go where they live and go natural.’ But the tough part can be getting baits down and keeping them in the areas that the fish live, the strike zone,” said Pro-Staffer Garett Svir. “I’m excited that Water Gremlin now offers help for fishermen and women in sinker selection with its tool known as the SINKERIZER.”

Fishing enthusiasts can access the SINKERIZER either online at Water Gremlin.com, or download the free mobile application for both iPhone and Android mobile phones on Water Gremlin’s website, and at iTunes or the Android Market.

For more information on Water Gremlin’s sinker assortment and fishing tips, visit Water Gremlin’s website athttp://www.watergremlin.com, become a fan on Facebook or follow The Gremlin on Twitter (@watergremlin).

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