ABT Lure Company Introduces the Ultimate Umbrella Rig System


There’s no disputing the effectiveness of the umbrella rig and its impact on the competitive fishing scene. Anglers all across the country are marveling at the way this offering mimics a small school of baitfish, entices strikes, and puts more and bigger fish on the boat.  Now, ABT Lure Company is taking umbrella rig fishing to the next level.  Unlike other rigs on the market, the new ABT Multi-Rig System lets you make modifications and adjustments that allow for a multitude of configurations to fit varying fishing conditions and state regulations.

The unique design of ABT’s Multi-Rig System makes it superior to other umbrella rigs, including the one named after a certain southern state that started the craze.  Thanks to the ABT Multi-Rig System’s patented screw lock swimming head and removable wire harness, it’s easy to change wire configurations (from as few as two up to a maximum of six) to customize your presentation. With the optional ABT Multi-Rig Accessory Kit, you can even switch wire lengths from 3.5 to 10” inches to suit your personal preference and the fishing situation. No other umbrella rig available allows for this kind of versatility or customization.

The lead head of the ABT Multi-Rig System also offers distinct advantages over those on ordinary umbrella rigs. Available in six different colors, this durable polycarbonate head features a barbed bait keeper, making it simple to attach and match your favorite swimbait tail to create a more realistic and truly complete “bait-ball” profile. ABT has made the head hollow too, allowing you to easily insert nail weights if you want your rig to run deeper in the water column.

The company also offers a variety of accessory kits, including buzzbait, spinnerbait and fixed weightless “teaser” wires, that allow you to further customize your presentation’s functionality and look for topwater and shallow or weedy conditions.

Every ABT Multi-Rig comes standard with four 5.5 inch and one 6.5 inch .047 stainless steel wires – strong and rugged enough for throwing larger, heavier baits and battling big, hard-fighting game fish. ABT’s wires are also more rigid than those on other umbrella rigs, so your baits won’t get tangled with each other when you cast.  Durable, corrosion-resistant construction makes ABT’s wires, and the entire Multi-Rig System, ideal for taking on everything from freshwater bass to inshore saltwater species.

According to Allen Borden, former Strike King lure designer and now President/Founder of ABT Lure Company, ABT’s new Multi-Rig System ushers in a new era of umbrella rig performance.  “In all respects, we’ve built a better mousetrap,” said Borden.  “Nothing out there comes close to offering the versatility, durability and functionality that our new Multi-Rig brings to the water.”

Borden isn’t the only one singing the praises of the new ABT Multi-Rig. Professional anglers that have field-tested prototypes, such as FLW touring pros Charley Almassey and KC Harris, are also thoroughly impressed.

“As soon as I began using my ABT rig, I started winning tournaments, including two recent events on Clear Lake and the California Delta,” noted Almassey. “I’ve fished with the others out there, and not one puts fish in the livewell or gives you the flexibility to adapt quickly and easily to changing conditions or regulations like the ABT Multi-Rig System. Quite simply, it’s the ultimate umbrella rig.”

While ABT’s new Multi-Rig System is incredibly innovative and effective, it’s priced to fit any angler’s budget. The MSRP is just $23.99. To learn more about the ABT Multi-Rig System, related accessories, or the complete lineup of high quality “Next Generation” ABT lures, visit: www.abtlures.com.

Below is a video of the ABT Multi-Rig System in action.


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