Silver Bay ATV Parade Will Try to Set a Record


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest parade of quadbikes (ATVs) was 1,870 and was organized by the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree in Richfield, Utah, USA, on 16 September 2009. 1,947 ATV’s were at the start of the parade; however, only 1,870 finished it.

Silver Bay had set the record in June of 2009 and only held onto the record for a few short months before the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree set the record.  Since losing the record Silver Bay has been planning to get it back. This June, Silver Bay, Minnesota hopes to regain the title of largest parade of ATVs.

For organizer Les Schermerhorn, it’s all about bringing the title back to Minnesota. Schermerhorn said, “ I can’t think of a better place for an ATV parade than on the North Shore.”

“It’s the North Shore,” she said. “There’re more things for families to do than just ride ATVs. They can go to the state parks, there’s just a ton of stuff to do up there.”

On June 23, the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota (ATVM) plans to break the record it once held with an ATV parade through Silver Bay.

This year, organizers are hoping to attract at least 2,000 ATVs to participate in the parade. Registration is $15 per ATV and includes a shirt. Participants must be registered on or before May 8. Registration can be done by visiting or by calling (800) 442-8826.

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