Here is a really interesting video of some .308cal hollow point projectiles drilled out to accept zippo flints. I have never seen this before, but I think it is really interesting. These are essentially a poor man’s version of an incendiary round that almost anyone can make at home. I would love to see some details of how this was made and some close up shots of the target. Hopefully we will see more people imitating this so that we can see what the benefits and draw backs doing this to your own ammo are.


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4 thoughts on “Video of Flint Tipped Bullets in Action

  1. Last shot had to have some help. None of the previous shots showed any where near that force. I am saying FAKED last shot. No way a small flint left that much smoke.

  2. Jim, The flints obviously have to hit hard steel to spark. The last shot appeared to have a Tannerite target on the steel plate.

  3. The last target was about half a kilogram of binary in a tree, i know as I’m the one who shot it 😀

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