Dead Down Wind 4 Color Camo Wheel


Hunters know that concealment is critical when it comes to success, whether hunting turkey, deer, other big game or even ducks. Quite a few have reverted to headnets or apparel options due to one or more of the common issues with most face camo. Issues include drying out, difficulty removing, leaving a residue in skin pores, causing skin reactions, emitting a bad odor and staining clothing. In addition, many face paints are made in China.

Well, DDW solves all of those issues and more with an innovative four-color, year-round camo wheel made right here in the USA.

The innovative folks at Dead Down Wind have created a solution to this dilemma in the form of the perfect blend of face paints designed for ultimate concealment. A great face paint is more comfortable, effective and economical than a headnet.

The 4 Color Camo Wheel is the easiest to apply or remove with just a moist paper towel. It is hypoallergenic, skin positive and odorless, making it a great product for the hunter with sensitive skin. Once opened, the Camo Color Wheel has a guaranteed two-year useful life and doesn’t dry out after a few weeks like other brands. The locking twist-top design and compact wheel design make it convenient and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Available in year-round color selections, this little jewel allows you to go undercover, regardless of what species you may be hunting, the season or the type of foliage you’re hunting in.

Face camo is especially important for a turkey hunter. A turkey’s color and vision capabilities allow it to see 100 shades in between two colors a hunter typically can’t tell apart. Unlike a whitetail, a turkey’s vision is its best defense. And just like every other Dead Down Wind product, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Easy-on, easy-off, field-tested and proven to work by professional guides and outfitters, the four-color selection is a must for every hunter.

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