Drought Drives Wild Animals Into Texan Communities


For more than 100 days, a drought has plagued a large portion of Texas. Among numerous agricultural difficulties, wild animals are now starting to feel the effect of long-term drought.

Food supply for wild animals is starting to wear thin according to various reports out of the city of El Paso. The lack of rain is preventing new plant growth for herbivores and omnivores. This in turn, translates to more predators preying on the underfed animals.

Because of the lack of food, more animals are traveling further than they normally would and have gone so far as inhabited cities and communities where they wouldn’t normally venture. The communities that are located nearest to wildlife areas are susceptible for encroachment, but even a mountain lion made it all the way into downtown El Paso earlier this week as reported by Newschannel 9.

A resident of El Paso called 911 when she saw the mountain lion outside her window. Animal Control and the Sheriff’s Department could not locate the animal. Residents are advised to keep pets indoors as the drought may cause most desert animals (who are mostly nocturnal) to scrounge for food during the day.

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