Byron Ferguson Announces Dates for Third Annual Bare Bow Archery School


Internationally acclaimed exhibition archer Byron Ferguson has scheduled the dates for his third annual Bare Bow Archery School. The school is conducted in the spring and fall at Goodman Ranch in Henderson, Tennessee.

The spring Bare Bow Archery School will be held June 15-17th. The cost is $1,500.00 and includes meals and lodging. The fall school and hunt is set for November 2-4. The price for the fall school is $2,000.00 and includes the opportunity to hunt with Byron Ferguson on his private whitetail deer hunting lease. Meals and lodging are also included.

Learn bare bow archery from the Master of the Longbow, Byron Ferguson. Students will learn proper form, and how to visualize the arrow striking the target. Before the 3 day class is over, students will be shooting aerial targets.

Each graduate will receive a copy of Byron Ferguson’s Bare Bow 101 DVD and a graduation certificate. Each Bare Bow School is filmed for airing on outdoor television.

Seating for both the spring and fall schools are limited and are filling up quickly. Contact Byron Ferguson at [email protected] or Mike Goodman at [email protected] to enroll.

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