MGM Collaborates in Design and Construction of Colonial Shooting Academy


The largest indoor shooting facility in the United States has opened its doors. Located in Richmond, VA the Colonial Shooting Academy boasts of 32 recreational shooting lanes, additional private lanes, law enforcement training area, shoot house, retail sales shop, café, training rooms, gunsmith and a gun vault.The main floor of the Colonial Shooting Academy will be open to the public. Their stated goal is to offer a comfortable environment much like you would find at other well respected semi-private clubs. Whether you have never picked up a firearm, curious about the experience or have a long history of firearms training, this facility has something to offer.

MGM Tactical, a division of Mike Gibson Manufacturing and headed by Paul LaFrance, was instrumental in the design and building of CSA. Working with Ed Coleman, General Manager of the Colonial Shooting Academy, the design of the shooting ranges and shoot house was a collaborative effort between management of MGM and CSA producing a facility that appeals to both the general public and law enforcement agencies in the area.

Paul Harward of MGM stated, “We put over 500,000 pounds of steel into the construction of this project. We have built many similar facilities including towers, shoot houses and ranges but this offered its own unique set of challenges in that we built this into an existing structure. We are extremely proud of our accomplishment.”

MGM installed a uniquely designed Deep “V” trap to insure safety at the range and proper removal of lead collected at the end of the firing lanes. Careful consideration was given at every turn to insure participants and non-participants safety. MGM was also instrumental in installing a turning target system, simulators, retrieval systems and a running man target.

12,000 square feet of the structure is dedicated solely to training and certification space for law enforcement agencies across the state. Featuring an 1800 square foot live-fire shoot house that can be reconfigured with minimal effort it has night or low-light training capabilities. Offering a one step training facility CSA can offer education, certification, recertification, training, simulators, turning target system and a running man target.

For additional information regarding the Colonial Shooting Academy you can go to For questions regarding the building of the facility or features please call MGM at 208-454-0555 or visit the website at

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