The Rocky Mountain Forest Restoration and Bioenergy Summit Set to Begin Next Week in Denver



The Rocky Mountain Forest Restoration & Bioenergy Summit will take place April 16 in Denver, Colo. At this one-day, content-rich event, experts in forestry, bioenergy and public policy will outline the current condition of Rocky Mountain forests and detail how the health of these forests can be improved through collaborative efforts with bioenergy producers. Attendees will leave the summit with a better understanding of the current policies, identify new opportunities and begin developing strategies to capitalize on the current conditions.

“Forest energy is a critical part of Colorado’s new energy economy. Using biomass can help mitigate wildfires, restore forest health, improve public safety and safeguard water quality,” says Mike Eckoff, a doctoral candidate in the Colorado State University forest and rangeland stewardship program. “In fact, of all our renewable resources, forest biomass is the one that can hurt us when we choose not to use it.”

Expected to participate at the summit are forest service managers, state and city officials, bioenergy producers, forestry and natural resource consultants, forestry equipment providers, bioenergy consultants, loggers, trucking companies, tree and transplant providers and investors.

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You can also learn about the International Biomass Conference & Expo, the world’s largest biomass conference, taking place April 16-19 in Denver, Colo., by visiting

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