Crappie USA Tournament Results for the 2-Day $10,000 Super Event on Kentucky/Barkley Lakes


This past Friday and Saturday April 13th & 14th CrappieUSAheld a 2-day $10,000.00 Super Event on Kentucky/Barkley Lakes at Paris, Tennessee. Nearly 200 anglers  from 10 different states were competing for not only the $10,000.00 in cash and prizes, but a chance to advance to the prestigious Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic. This year’s classic will be held October 24th-27th, 2012 on the Barkley/Kentucky Lakes at Cadiz,  Kentucky.

Semi-Pro Division Results

Taking first place was the team of Tony Hames of Trezevant, Tennessee and Tim “Skeeter” Ayers of Idlewild, Tennessee with a 2-day weight of 25.26 pounds and earning $2,500.00. Tony and Tim were vertical jigging one pole in the Big Sandy River over 8-10 feet of water using gold/chartreuse jigs to catch over 60 fish in the 2 days of competition. Each team was allowed to weigh in their top 7 crappie each day of the event.

Second place went to Wade Hendren of Ripley, Tennessee and his partner Roy Logan of Troy, Tennessee weighing in 24.47 pounds and earning $1,100.00. Wade and Roy were also hitting the waters of the Big Sandy River using live bait in 10 feet of water to catch over 150 fish for the 2 days.

In third place was Shane Moore of Milan, Tennessee and John Eubanks of Trenton, Tennessee weighing in a 2-day total of 26.67 and earning $800.00. Shane and John were fishing the south end of Kentucky Lake vertical jigging manmade cover in 7-12 feet of water using red/chartreuse and black/chartreuse jigs tipped with live bait.

Brad Essary of Brownsville, Tennessee and Mike Johnson of Milan, Tennessee took fourth place with a weight of 23.31 pounds and earning $600.00. Brad and Mike were vertical jigging the Big Sandy with Southern Pro red/chartreuse jigs in 15-20 feet of water. The team caught over 70 fish for the 2-days of the event.

Fifth place went to Steve Coleman of Tiptonville, Tennessee with a weight of 22.8 pounds and earning $500.00 along with an extra $250.00 for the Ranger Cup award in the Semi-Pro division. Steve was fishing the main river in front of Blood River in 25 feet of water with his fish suspended in 17 feet of water. Steve was using Southern Pro lime and chartreuse jigs on Friday, but had to tip the jigs with minnows on Saturday to get them to bite. Steve caught over 75 for the 2-days of the event.

Amateur Division Results

First place in the amateur division was Doc Holladay of Paducah, Kentucky with a 2-day total weight of 24.45 pounds and earning $1,400.00. Doc was fishing the north end of Barkley Lake in major bays. Doc was vertical jigging one pole in hand over manmade cover using Southern Pro tube jigs. Doc was using glitter/chartreuse on Friday and brown/chartreuse on Saturday. Most of the 120 fish he caught were in 10 feet of water.

Second place went to Dave Carpenter of Paris, Tennessee and Ron Ivey of Springville, Tennessee with a weight of 23.74 pounds and earning $800.00. Dave and Ron also captured big fish of the event with a 2.37 pound crappie which netted the team an additional $700.00. Dave and Ron were fishing in 8-12 feet of water in Big Sandy vertical jigging one pole over manmade cover with red/chartreuse and pink/chartreuse Southern Pro tubes to catch 50 fish for the 2-days of competition.

Taking third place was Ronald Taylor of McKenzie, Tennessee and Ronald Keel of Cedar Grove, Tennessee with a weight of 23.27 and earning $500.00. Taylor and Keel were fishing the Cain Creek area south of Paris Landing using black/chartreuse jigs vertical jigging one pole at a variety of depths. The team caught over 50 fish for the 2-days of the event.

In fourth was the team of Daniel and Steve Gentz both of St. Louis, Missouri weighing in 22.92 pounds and earning $300.00. Daniel and Steve were vertical jigging chartreuse Southern Pro jigs fishing in 23 feet of water up the Blood River area to catch over 50 fish for the event. Daniel and Steve credited Stubby Steve’s biodegradable scent attractant for catching their fish. Several teams used the new Stubby Steve’s attractant on their jigs and commented how it stayed on the jig longer than any other attractant on the market and really helped them get more bites and caused the fish to hold on to the jig longer.

Fifth place went to the team of Ben Howard of Calvert City, Kentucky and Gary Wurth of Paducah, Kentucky with a 2-day total weight of 21.59 pounds and earning $250.00. Ben and Gary were vertical jigging Southern Pro tubes on the north end of Kentucky Lake in east and west side large bays over manmade cover. The team caught over 200 fish with most of them in 17 feet of water using any color as long as it included chartreuse.

Taking second big fish of the event went to Neal Alvis of Rogersville, Tennessee and Scott Bunch of Morristown, Tennessee with a 2.34 pound crappie which netted the team with $300.00. The team also captured the Ranger Cup award for the Amateur division giving the team an additional $125.00.

Congratulations to all the teams fishing this event. For a complete list of tournament standings and downloadable photos for this event visit then go to Tournament Results.

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