Ted Nugent Amps up the NRA Annual Meeting


St. Louis, Missouri – Ted Nugent, NRA Board Member, Second Amendment activist, New York Times bestselling author, Motor City Madman, acclaimed musician and member of the Bowhunters Hall of Fame – or “just a guitarist” as he says it – helped send off this year’s NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis in style on Sunday afternoon.

In a theater packed with cheering fans, Nugent rocked out and spoke to the crowd about how great and important it is to exercise our right to bear arms.

Brought out by the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott, who is thrilled to have him as a new state resident, Nugent immediately went for his guitar and got the crowd on their feet with some hard rocking songs.

On the cusp of his 2012 Great White Buffalo tour, Nugent brought out bandmate Derek St. Holmes and the two belted out smooth rhythm guitar to the electrified crowd.

After a few choice songs, Nugent set the guitar down, but kept the mic, and went on to speak to the audience about how great our Second Amendment rights are and how important the NRA is in helping us exercise them.

Thanking everyone for coming out and proclaiming he would sign just about anything at the back of the auditorium, the house lights came back on and the crowd began to funnel out as the last big event of the weekend had finished.

Nugent was recently reelected to his third term on the NRA Board of Directors where he has done innumerable deeds to help us utilize the Second Amendment and, thanks to his reelection, appears to be intent on continuing so for a long time to come. Thanks Uncle Ted.

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