Aim for the Best in Durability and Value with the New Woodland 14 by Rinehart Targets


Hunting and shooting enthusiasts have a convenient, rugged new practice partner with the new cube-shaped Woodland 14 target, the most recent addition to Rinehart Target’s value-driven Woodland Series.  Constructed utilizing the company’s innovative FX™ Foam technology, the new Woodland 14 blends function and durability, all for an unbeatable retail price of just $89.99.

The Woodland 14 measures a perfect cube at 14”H x 14”L, making it large enough to take on shots from every angle but still lightweight and compact enough to toss in your truck on the way out to camp.  Developed from some of the same elements of Rinehart’s award-winning Signature Series cube design, the new Woodland 14 boasts six-sided shooting complete with more than 40 target zones for honing and perfecting your aim.  Plus, shooters can easily post their favorite paper targets, proving the new Woodland 14 can be your all-around ‘go-to’ target, for any type of practice.

The new Woodland 14 wouldn’t be a Rinehart target if it couldn’t take on countless practice shots like a champ. In fact, its solid FX Foam composition allows this resilient target to handle your best practice shots from broadheads to field-points to expandables, and still stand strong for seasons to come.  Its unmatched level of durability coupled with such an attractive price tag makes this new target a must-have target for any level of shooter.

Adding to the target’s function and convenience is a handy rope handle, built strong to withstand countless tosses in and out of the SUV or drags around camp.  Like all Rinehart Targets, the Woodland 14 is built with extreme resistance to the sun, hot or cold weather conditions, allowing for year-round practice in all types of weather.

For even more options, its big brother in the series the Woodland 16 (which measures
16”H x 16”L in size) is also available.

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