Bel-Ray Announces Relationship with Route 77 Energy MVR-D Honda



Bel-Ray Company, Inc.-the leading USA-based lubrication manufacturing company would like announce their relationship with the Route 77 Energy MVR-D Honda racing team for the 2012 British Motocross Championship Series.

Founded in 2003, MVR-D (Moto Vision Racing Development) is a performance engine and suspension company that produces the best performing and most reliable machines for racers of all skill level.

“We are excited to add the Route77 Energy MVR-D Honda racing team to Bel-Ray’s racing roster of professional racing support,” said Bel-Ray Brand Manager, Scott Lukaitis. “The performance advantages Bel-Ray products provide will only increase MVR-D’s reputation as the top performance shop in the UK,” he added.

“I’m really proud to be working with Bel-Ray for 2012. It’s a late in the day deal that we are very grateful for, we think it is great to have a company that is so heavily involved in racing behind us. You can see the work they are putting into Chad Reed’s team. They are committed to racing,” said MVR-D team owner, Mark Chamberlain. “Oil is such an important part of performance 4-strokes and we are thrilled to work with a partner we can trust,” he added.

The 2012 team will consist of Gert Krestinov and Jason Dougan in the MX1 class and Bradley Pocock in the MX2 class and will compete in the Maxxis British National Championship and selected world motocross events for the 2012 season.

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