Iowa Commission Approves Changes to Fall Hunting Seasons



Changes to Iowa’s waterfowl, deer and furbearer seasons, were approved during the April 12 meeting of the Natural Resource Commission of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The season proposals will be available for public comment in May prior to a public hearing on May 23.

Approved changes to the waterfowl regulations include a three zone, two season split with the Missouri River zone as the new third zone, and reduced Canada goose zone boundaries in some areas.

Changes to the resident deer hunting seasons this fall include reducing the county antlerless quotas by 13,000 in 20 counties, eliminating the November antlerless deer season, and shortening the January antlerless season by one week.

Approved changes to furbearer regulations include increasing the bobcat quota from 350 to 450 and river otter quota from 650 to 850.

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