Lewis Machine & Tool Company Match Ready Rifles Receive NRA and CMP Approval



Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law enforcement, commercial manufacturers and responsible civilians  has received notification that specific LMT rifles are approved for use in NRA and CMP high-power rifle matches.

Approved by the National Rifle Association for the M110 Series Service Rifle competition is the LMT LM308MWSE.  The .308 Modular weapon system features a target crowned 16″ chrome-lined barrel with a 1:10″ twist, a standard semi-auto bolt carrier group, a tactical charging handle assembly, a pinned SOPMOD buttstock, two-stage trigger group, and an ambi-selector and ambi-mag release. The LM308MWSE ships with a sling, manual, tactical adjustable rear sight and tactical front sight, one 10-round magazine, two heavy-duty push button swivels, a torque wrench/driver and three rail panels.  All the same reliable performance of the LMT .308 system used by military sharpshooters the world over but now approved for NRA high-power matches for civilian competitors. MSRP is $2,859.96.

For the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the CMP approved the LMT Defender 5.56 rifle for the CMP High Power matches. It features a 20″ stainless barrel; an A2 fixed buttstock, a standard charging handle assembly and comes with the detachable carry handle. MSRP is $1,429.52.

LMT is proud to provide civilian high-power competitors with 100% US made rifles providing superior reliability. More information on the new approved rifles can be found at www.lmtdefense.com.

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