Smith and Wesson Facebook Page Surpasses 300,000 Fans


Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that the company’s Facebook page ( has reached a significant milestone with over 300,000 likes on the social networking site. The legendary firearms maker achieved the milestone within three years of launching its Facebook community site on June 28, 2009.

An iconic American brand that has found its place for generations in homes across the globe, the Smith & Wesson Facebook page has played a new and important part in the two-way communication between the company and its loyal customers and fans. “The integration of social media within our business model has served as a valuable communication tool by allowing us to connect with our customers on a virtually instant basis across multiple mediums,” said Jan Mladek, Director of Consumer Marketing for Smith & Wesson. “By actively engaging our customers and fans we have given them a direct line into our company through which they can share with us, and each other, their experience with our products and services.  At the same time, we are able to support these loyal fans by providing product and event information and by participating in conversations directly and in real time.”

Since the company’s inception 160 years ago, Smith & Wesson has become one of the largest, best-known firearms manufacturers in the United States. Offering a broad portfolio of firearm products designed and manufactured to fulfill the requirements of its customers in the military, law enforcement and consumer markets throughout the world, the Smith & Wesson name has become synonymous with high-quality innovation and professional-grade performance. Through its active involvement on Facebook, Smith & Wesson has been able to interact directly with its customer base in a way never possible before.

By following Smith & Wesson, users have the option to interact with the company in a myriad of ways. From viewing new product introductions and online-only features and watching previews of the newest television commercials and company sponsored shows, to having the opportunity to share tips, insight and personal experiences with fellow shooters, hunters, and like-minded firearm enthusiasts, the Smith & Wesson Facebook page has quickly become a communication hub for consumers at all levels of involvement. Whether discussing the company’s flagship line of M&P™ handguns and long guns or its expertly crafted Smith & Wesson Performance Center firearms, the company’s Facebook page has become a hotspot for social interaction.

Mladek concluded, “On behalf of all of us at Smith & Wesson, thank you to all of our followers across the globe for their support and dedication to our products. Each customer is a valued member of our family and we look forward to enhancing that relationship in new and exciting ways.”

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