Wild Fish Wild Places Experiences Remote Areas of the Amazon River on Sportsman Channel


Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American sportsman, is proud to take viewers on an eye-opening adventure to the most remote areas of South America’s Amazon River on Wild Fish Wild Places. Hosts, Denis Isbister and Alan Broderick provide a full one-half hour of twists and turns that showcases piranha, peacock bass on top water, caiman crocodile and captivating interactions with local tribesman. Don’t miss the heart-pounding action on Saturday, April 28 at 10:30 p.m. EST.

The journey begins with a float plane departure from Manaus, Brazil to a tributary of the Amazon drainage. For the next eight days, the two men traveled different river systems in search of the best peacock water in the area. The hard work and extensive travel paid off as the men snagged double-digit trophy peacock’s – including a “17 pounder”! For anyone that loves to watch top water explosion, this episode is a MUST watch. Throughout the action-packed fishing, Isbister and Broderick also went hunting for caiman crocodile with local guides. After spotting a crocodile, Bronco (guide) sneaks up behind the animal and pulled the “beast” into the boat.

“Lifting a 5-foot crocodile into the boat was a hair-raising experience,” said Denis Isbister, Co-host of Wild Fish, Wild Places. “This is one of the most exciting and interesting trips we have taken in WFWP history. The conditions on this trip were absolutely brutal – temperatures reaching over 100 most days, however; this was once in-a-lifetime opportunity to understand the locals and fish great waters.”

One of the most trying times during this episode came during the end of the trip when Denis and Alan were awakened very early after a long night of moving down river. After trying to figure out the language barrier, the guys figured out they were driving two hours to meet “someone.” The final destination was the edge of the Salimoes River to a local fish market. The area was not the “safest” in Brazil, however; the crew made their way toward the river and walked through a myriad of fish venders selling locally caught piranha, sardines and a various array of spoiling deliciousness.

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