“Invader Crusader” Fighting Invasive Species


Wildlife Forever’s State-Fish Art Contest is proud to announce Monika Daniels, a talented 12th grader from Alexandria, Louisiana, as the first-ever “Invader Crusader” winner for her stunning Invasive Species art entry in the 2012 Silent Invader Category.


The “Silent Invaders” category was created to introduce children to the problem of Invasive Species in our nation’s waters. The national winner is honored as the year’s “Invader Crusader”.  For 2012 both the art and essay had to include the largemouth bass or Chinook salmon as the featured fish species and the zebra mussel or elodea as the invasive species.

“Monika is not only an extremely talented artist, but her entry of a largemouth bass swimming in waters infested with zebra mussels spotlights the battle we are facing with invasive species” states Karen Hollingsworth, State-Fish Art Manager. “I am extremely excited to have her as our first-ever Invader Crusader to help with the critical task of introducing kids to the nationwide epidemic of invasive species in our rivers, lakes and streams.”

Monika’s art will be used on highway billboards by Wildlife Forever’s Threat Campaign™ alerting boaters to CLEAN DRAIN DRY when leaving any body of water to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussels.

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